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    BDP World
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    BPDWORLD was founded and created by Joshua Cole in March 2003. Joshua felt that there was very little specific support in respect of those with a diagnosis of personality disorder. Not only in the real world but also that of the Internet. Of cause there were many websites that supported those with the better-known conditions like depression etc but nothing that could help those that face the chaos and uncertainty of living with personality disorder.
    Joshua has always felt passionate about helping to support those who are disadvantaged in any way, and this has been reflected well in the paid and unpaid work he has done over the years. Once Joshua made the decision that something had to be done for those with personality disorder it didn’t take more than a couple of weeks for the first ever version of the site BPDWORLD to be created.
    He has very big plans for BPDWORLD and with any luck these will all work out and what you see here will one day be the best support area for sufferers of mental health nationally and maybe even internationally. We have already achieved so much.
    In October 2005 BPDWORLD became the first registered charity for people with borderline personality disorder in the UK, although no longer a registered charity its important work continues...
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    Personality Disorders
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    Female Adults
    Male Adults
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    0844 357 4567
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