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    About Coram Children's Legal Centre
    Coram Children’s Legal Centre, part of the Coram group of charities, specialises in law and policy affecting children and young people.

    CCLC provides free legal information, advice and representation to children, young people, their families, carers and professionals, as well as international consultancy on child law and children’s rights.
    CCLC is a national charity committed to promoting children's rights in the UK and worldwide. We work to ensure that children’s interests are represented at every level of the legal process and in the production of legislation.
    Respect. All children deserve respect as legally autonomous beings with equal human rights.
    Equality. All children are equal regardless of gender, race, nationality, disability, culture or religion.
    Access to justice. All children have a right to legal information, advice, representation and support.
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    Court & Legal Support for Victims & Witnesses
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    Female Adults
    Male Adults
    Female Partners
    Male Partners
    Female Parents
    Male Parents
    Female Young People
    Male Young People
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    0300 330 5480
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    01206 714 650
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    United Kingdom
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The National Survivors Network has been setup to provide peer support for adult survivors of childhood abuse.   Membership is open to anyone to gain an understanding of peer support.

As a member you can access:

  • Support Network of peers, professionals & supporters.
  • One on One or Group chat with peers.
  • Support groups. view groups

All the services we proved are based on peer support.   more about peer support here.