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    The charity was founded in 2000; it has been working as with victims of sexual crime since 2000, delivering specialist support. Crisis Point became a registered charity and company in 2004.

    Crisis Point is based in Walsall with outreach services across the region.

    In 2003, Crisis Point pioneered the fast track STI screening system that now sits as best practice and guidance for developing new, and existing SARCs.

    In 2004, Crisis Point founded the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Walsall, developed a tri-partite with West Midlands Police and NHS/PCT Walsall to provide SARC services. Crisis Point was the managing agency until March 2006, delivering on call and on site crisis workers, ISVA support, and therapeutic counselling.

    In 2005, a clinical counselling centre was founded in Walsall by Crisis Point to provide bespoke psychotherapeutic counselling for victims of sexual crime. Additionally, the clinical counselling centre provided a real solution to transference suffered by SARC clients when returning for therapy following the support to court procedure and outcome.

    The services and premises continue to be available to all across the West Midlands.
  • Services we provide
    Domestic Abuse
    Emotional Abuse
    Physical Abuse
    Outreach services
  • Clients we support
    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT)
    Female Adults
    Male Adults
    Female Partners
    Male Partners
    Female Parents
    Male Parents
    Female Young People
    Male Young People
    Perpetrators: Female
    Perpetrators: Male
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    01922 722777
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The National Survivors Network has been setup to provide peer support for adult survivors of childhood abuse.   Membership is open to anyone to gain an understanding of peer support.

As a member you can access:

  • Support Network of peers, professionals & supporters.
  • One on One or Group chat with peers.
  • Support groups. view groups

All the services we proved are based on peer support.   more about peer support here.