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    An estimated 200,000 children every year have a parent in prison in England and Wales. Research has shown that parental imprisonment has a direct impact on children's mental wellbeing, academic achievement and behaviour and can increase the likelihood of intergenerational offending.

    From April 2013 to March 2015 the Department for Education funded Barnardo's and POPS (Partners of Prisoners and Families Support Group) to develop and run i-HOP. Barnardo’s now have sole responsibility for the i-HOP service.

    i-HOP is an England wide one-stop information service for all professionals who come into contact with the children and families of offenders, including frontline staff from the criminal justice system, voluntary sector, education, health, housing and social care, as well as those responsible for strategic development and commissioning.

    The i-HOP directory is a constantly growing directory of information, bringing together all the up-to-date resources to support professionals: research, service details, practice examples, policy frameworks, resources to use with families, events and training programmes. By becoming a member of i-HOP, you will receive our free monthly newsletter, full of updates and information about children of offenders.
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    Domestic Abuse
    Emotional Abuse
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    Female Partners
    Male Partners
    Female Parents
    Male Parents
    Female Young People
    Male Young People
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    0808 802 2013
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The National Survivors Network has been setup to provide peer support for adult survivors of childhood abuse.   Membership is open to anyone to gain an understanding of peer support.

As a member you can access:

  • Support Network of peers, professionals & supporters.
  • One on One or Group chat with peers.
  • Support groups. view groups

All the services we proved are based on peer support.   more about peer support here.