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What we do

All over Merseyside there are adults who have to cope with the damage done from being a victim of childhood abuse. It’s tough. Really tough.

We provide practical help that makes a difference to those affected and the people around them.

The benefits

Having support from peers is not something short term, it has massive effects on a survivors well being..

Providing a survivor with much deserved support is something that can complement counselling and other types of therapy.

Since starting earlier this year we have been actively supporting around 160 service users with ongoing support as and when they feel the need to talk.

Our monthly meetings operate via referrals,  the referrals can be by the person them self, or via a GP / NHS or other professionals.  Initially the person would be invited for face to face meeting with a peer and would agree on which path to follow.  The help we provide would be to attend the drop-in centre, the drop-in centre operating an open door policy.  The drop-in centre will arrange certain types of activities such as, on certain days group meetings, on certain days a male/female only groups.

As the organisation is quite new then things are not fully in place, we are working out funding and seeking volunteers to assist us with running the project.  If you would like to become involved with the project or have any suggestions as to how we can move things forwards please let us know.

Please Note: From time to time, we may in exceptional circumstances partner with other organisations in fundraising initiatives aimed at providing similar services to ours.

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