What we do

All over Merseyside, there are adults who have to cope with the damage done from being a victim of childhood abuse. It’s tough. Really tough.

We provide practical help that makes a difference to those affected and the people around them. The benefits Having support from peers is not something short term, it has massive effects on survivors well being.

Providing a survivor with much-deserved support is something that can complement counselling and other types of therapy. Since starting earlier this year we have been actively supporting around 160 service users with ongoing support as and when they feel the need to talk.


Peer support services.

There are several types of support survivors can access via our website on our secure and private web server.

  • One to one chat.
  • Group chat rooms.
  • Support groups.



How you can help

Here’s a promise. Your help will improve a survivors life - very quickly and in a major way.

We’re a small team. That keeps our costs down. But we need all the help we can get. So, whether you want to fundraise for us, volunteer for us or just choose one of the many ways to donate, your offer of help will be received with open arms.

The only people more grateful to you than the team will be the people whose lives you’re about to improve - significantly. We have many ways you can help. Please choose the one that suits you best, but please do it now. The number of survivors in need of help is growing every day.